Cambridge Law practices in all Courts in Sydney. We specialise in court appearances and possess a wealth of experience having previously appeared in Childrens, Local, District, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) matters.

Our service extends to a vast number of areas including:

  • Murder and related charges
  • Sexual Assault and related charges
  • Assaults
  • Drug Matters (State & Commonwealth)
  • Property Offences
  • Apprehended Violence
  • Other Serious Offences (including firearms)
  • Summary Offence type matters
  • Bail Applications
  • Commonwealth Prosecutions
  • Traffic matters
  • Independent Crime Against Corruption (ICAC)
  • White Collar Crime
  • Crime Commission matters
Cambridge Law provides its services under the motto that every client is innocent until proven guilty and we are a firm which believe that everyone is entitled to a fair hearing and a presumption of innocence under the law. We will fight to receive the best outcome for our client no matter the situation they find themselves.
Over the years Cambridge law has formed significant working relationships with some of Sydney's most experienced criminal Barristers. If the seriousness of the offence warrants the use of counsel, our client's can rest assured knowing that the most experienced criminal minds are working towards achieving the best outcome for them.

Cambridge Law's barristers of choice include:

Mr.William Brewer
Mr. Greg Bullard
Mr. Sean Jeppeson
Mr. Soruban Siva
Mr. Gregory Heathcote
Mr. Greg James QC


These barristers are some of Sydney's most experienced criminal barristers. They have acted in some of the states most controversial and complex criminal trials. They have appeared in all criminal court jurisdictions ranging from  the Local Court to appellate work before the Court of Criminal Appeal.
Each are consummate professionals who are meticulous in their analysis of the police evidence, possess a wealth of knowledge in the procedural aspect of criminal law and are very systematic and aggressive in their cross examination.
If your matter requires the use of senior counsel, Cambridge Law have forged strong working relationships with the most prominent Counsel’s both in New South Wales and interstate.
We offer our services for both privately financed and Legal Aid funded matters.
If you need assistance with any Criminal Law matter, please do not hesitate to call our firm and speak with a Solicitor.