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Cambridge Law is a dynamic and fast growing Australian law firm

Wills, Probates & Estate Planning

The importance of a Will cannot be underestimated. The proper drafting of a Will/Power of Attorney requires experienced, dedicated practitioners who can identify your rights and entitlements ensuring that they are statutorily protected.

Should you desire to make a will or wish to pursue a claim against an estate then we are available to assist you. We will aggressively pursue, on your behalf, the obtaining of your rightful entitlements in contesting any unreasonable provisions in a will or where the will fails to address the proper entitlements of the beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries entitled to pursue a claim against the testator's estate.

We are able to assist clients with the following:

  • Contested Wills & Estate Disputes
  • Family Provision Act claims
  • Probate
  • Inheritance Disputes, Intestacies & Mistakes
  • Making a Will

At Cambridge law, in the case of some wills/inheritance disputes, we are prepared to wait until the end of the matter before submitting our bill.  In these cases our costs are usually paid out of the estate on settlement and you have the knowledge and security of knowing you ability to obtain your entitlement is not hindered solely because of any inability to meet legal fees.